Jan 13, 2010

Why is Laura Fitton considered an expert?

Posted in Social Media General on 13/Jan/2010

I am watching this video on youtube where Laura is speaking to a team of folks at Google. I understand that Twitter is a wildly powerful organization that is truly changing the world. But why is Laura Fitton speaking to Google. Why not Robert Scoble or Gilmor or Shel Isreal?

Help me out... Help me understand the Laura Fitton effect? How has this woman gained Scoble like status?

If had attended one of Lauras classes on presentations, I would have politely had to ask for my my money back.

Laura Fitton is smart. She adopted Twitter early. She is a woman in a male dominated industry. For the most part... She uses her assets to garner attention but I still do not get it.....

Laura Fitton should be speaking as an expert on "Networking" and not on Twittering or Social Media. She is more like an Twitter enthusiast.

Is this a case of a good woman gone bad because of twitter?

This is my favorite part of the video at the 5:25 mark:

"I was a home bound mom of 2 in Boston with no business network? And seriously if I kind of paraded out who I have had meetings with this week in the aria you would think i was a name dropping loser so i wont, but it has been an incredible way to connect my mind with people all over the world, find common interests, find mentors, find opportunities "It's really hard to explain"

WTF ??? "It's really hard to explain... Hello? Isn't that why you are speaking? Because of this exact reason?

She pretends to be modest by saying things like. "If I were to tell you who I was with you would think I was stupid for name dropping? LMAO Hello that is the same thing as name dropping Mrs. Fitton?

My second favorite part of the speech is at 37 minutes

"It has been odd to have ended up in 2 short years having this like audience. Its not anything I sought out for or cultivated developed hope for. I have a love hate relationship with it. i am very grateful. I am lucky."

C'mon! WTF That is such a crock of Buhlloniii. Have you seen your pictures? Have you heard yourself lately? There are a million psychologists in Boston that could easily tear your lies apart in body language alone. Forget about reading between the lines of your choice of words.

Just be honest! Please. You want to be famous. You love the attention.

And whats up with the pictures? Either you want to be famous or you don't? Make up your mind?

I always find this kind of rhetoric / arrogance beyond annoying. It is this I will pretend to be average and normal and tell you how I am just a "MOM" and how I parade around with people that are so cool I will not even bother to tell you because I am arrogant and oh by the way I am not going to tell you how cool it is or how cool I am became because it is too hard to explain?

C'mon Laura? You are smart. People like you. You are famous in the community.

This presentation could have been great. It should have been great!

How many times do you change your hair style ? You should start a hair style website also..!!!

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