You no longer need to know HTML to build a website or build a group of followers or members. You can build your own on one of several websites that give you all the tools necessary at the rock bottom cost of $0.00

Social Media Marketing is where everyone is headed because it is truly how a democratic nations wants to work. Power is given to the people. We now have the ability to trump CNN, NBC, CBS, CNBC, The New York Times, WallStreet Journal, BBC and every other major news outlet. Joe Smith the political activist with his blog, followers on twitter and facebook in Boulder Colorado is able to persuade opinions and votes more effectively than the strange super model like anchor woman on CNN telling the world about Senator Johnson. Joe Smith is real and has and inside track on politics because he works for the city and his brother is a mayor of a small town.

We are not far from a transparent government. The internets most powerful days are coming. The day we can all login and see local state and federal employees manage our dollars is around the corner. No longer will we be forced to look at vague balance sheets and big number budgets. We will soon be listening and watching how every single dollar is spent. We can ask New York politicians why teachers are given golden parachutes when no other member of our society is given this same protections. Not even our military members. New York Teachers do not deserve more money than teachers in Indiana or Colorado. Social Media will quickly and abruptly force politicians and local leaders to manage money as if it were their own.

Our ability to move and persuade political outcomes is no different than our new power over big businesses, we just need to get better at harnessing that power. Social Media breaks down the power of companies like Sony, Apple and Google. We can all come together and quickly express our concerns and provide organizations with the input they need to provide better products and better service. Companies will once and for all be forced to LISTEN, because if they don't they are going to get crushed by demanding consumers.

Social Media Marketing is all about LISTENING and LEARNING. Old school advertising is over my friends and thank goodness!! Welcome to the next phase of the internet revolution.

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