Dec 13, 2009

Saks Fifth Avenue dilutes its brand after 85 years of hard work!

Posted in Social Media General on 13/Dec/2009

Some whipper snapper convinced some old lady or old man to put a link at the bottom of their promotional email newsletter. How disgusting is this?  Saks Fifth Avenue cannot relate or communicate with their own customers on their own website. Their web team needs a good old fashioned spanking.  Take away their blackberrys and iphones and no more coffee until further notice.  I am so sick and tired of seeing executives being sold a bag of goods.  Saks could keep their users on their own website if they just took the time to build a blog or forum, etc;  How lame is it that they have to use Facebook to engage their customers.

Maybe they should sell their clothes at another location because their existing store locations are not a good place to talk. This has to be the dumbest move by people that argue and fight to protect their brand.  Lets take our high end luxury brand and bring it down a notch and send people to Facebook.

Kudos to Facebook for doing the impossible.  You could never get some marketing executive at Saks to consider slaughtering their brand and identity just a few short years ago.  Times are UH changin folks!  Marketing executives have officially started turning the corner.  Maybe next year they will start communcating via email and using their own website to talk to their customers.  Who knows.  They might even start measuring their cost per sale instead of using words like Branding and Identity in their marketing meetings.

Maybe you can close your stores and start selling Loro Piana sweaters and jackets on

Saks Fifth Avenue and Facebook destroy old brand.

Saks Fifth Avenue and Facebook destroy old brand.

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