Dec 13, 2009

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Posted in Social Media General on 13/Dec/2009

WTF - Are you kidding me. I got another email today from It has some special offers and at the bottom I am getting asked to follow them on facebook and freaking twitter. WTF guys? Really AYFKM or what?

You got my email address and I have ordered from you in the past. Is it not enough that I allow you to send me promotional emails that are designed to sell me more products. Why in the world would I need to go to another website to learn about your products and services. Why do I need to follow you on Twitter or Facebook? For what? AAAAAHHHHH Please help me understand the purpose of Facebook and Twitter when you can do this all on your existing website. wants you to visit facebook or twitter. wants you to visit facebook or twitter.

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