Dec 22, 2009

A Question About My Social Media Paper?

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My professors say my Intros and Conclusions are WEAK
and I always get a 95% on my essays 🙁
Can somebody read these and tell me if they are weak?
The rising popularity of social networking sites are rivaling for consumption and putting strain on the business aspects of companies in the television and print industry. Internet usage is now cutting into the expenditures of traditional media, such as television and print. With young people spending increased amounts of time online, social networking sites are on the rise and are offering new outlets to marketers. Advertisers now attempt to market their television shows, movies, and print ads effectively through social media sites, such as Facebook and MySpace, in hopes of reaching younger audiences and as a result, have been successful.
In conclusion, the facts have been presented to clarify the effective movement from traditional media to social media. Social networking sites have opened new doors for advertising in hopes of reaching the younger audience. As a result, they have gained the attention of the older audience. The once popular 20th century inventions are integrating into the Internet and the advertisers who are smart enough will keep following in order to make revenue. The weight of ad money has been slipping off the ship of traditional media and going to the web. Conventional marketers stuck in 20th century marketing standards would be lucky to even find a life boat.

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