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Jan 10, 2010

Is Social Bookmarking And Social Media Optimization Same?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 10/Jan/2010

Yes, Bookmarking is a part of Media Marketing.Social bookmarking and social media marketing are powerful marketing tools. To make the most of them you need to devote a lot of attention to the sites and create content regularly. You also need a comprehensive social media marketing plan that incorporates all of your content initiatives and […]

Jan 6, 2010

What’s The Best “social Media” Conference Around For Marketing/issues?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 06/Jan/2010

Social Media Conference Starts: Wednesday January 27, 2010 at 8:00am Ends: Friday January 29, 2010 at 5:00pm Event Type: Tradeshow/Convention Region: Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area. The event is the largest B2B conference on Social Media for fortune 1000 companies looking to learn and share various Strategies.

Jan 5, 2010

What Is The Benefit Of Social Media Marketing?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 05/Jan/2010

social media marketing offers many ways to generate these links for little or no cost – articles, social media sites and blogs are just a few examples. Social bookmarking is another. With bookmarking, you save bookmarks to blog posts, articles and web pages (including your own). You tag them with a “keyword” of your own […]

Dec 31, 2009

How Do You Start A Social Media Marketing Campaign?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 31/Dec/2009

Take a look at: A lot of information about setup a social media marketing campaign.

Dec 26, 2009

What Are The Main Difference Between Email Marketing And Social Media Marketing?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 26/Dec/2009

Email Marketing is: Email marketing is a way to reach consumers directly via electronic mail. Unlike spam, direct email marketing reaches those interested in your business’ area of expertise. The information is sent out more like a laser-guided missile than a bomb: No matter what you’re selling, it is a way to reach thousands of […]

Dec 26, 2009

Is This A Good Final Year Project Title? Examining The Impact Of Social Media On The Marketing Industry?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 26/Dec/2009

I am doing a final year project for my marketing degree and it is basically a project associated with marketing. it is reccommended to use a business, particularly a business you can comminicate with to get the answers to questions you may need but is it not essential to use a business. i am nots […]

Dec 25, 2009

What Kind Of Social Media Marketing Do You Find Works Best?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 25/Dec/2009

What kind of social network marketing do you do and how effective is it? Thanks

Dec 24, 2009

How Do You Use Twitter For Business Purposes?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 24/Dec/2009

I just signed up for Twitter and I'm just wondering how it can be used as a social marketing tool for my business. It seems to be kinda like facebook.

Dec 21, 2009

Is Anyone Searching For Assistance On Marketing Through Social Media?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 21/Dec/2009

Gear Marketing is a social media development and management company and is looking to expand it's client base. Do you know of any small businesses or independent sales reps who would like their social media marketing efforts expanded upon for them? Free WordPress Plugins

Dec 20, 2009

Can Social Media Marketing Replace Search Engine Marketing As A Viable Way For Companies To Market Online?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 20/Dec/2009

I "Stumbled Upon" which does a good job of showing the opportunities that could be available for marketers in the "Social Media" category. Not completely sold yet on it but kinda warming up to it. I guess I'll have to start learning SMM to go along with my SEM and SEO. So, many […]

Dec 20, 2009

Does Anyone Know Of A Good Social Media Marketing Tracking Tool/device/software?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 20/Dec/2009

I'm looking for a reasonable means of tracking my Social Media Marketing campaigns. So many of them are rather expensive and, at this early stage, would not be feasible for my business. Christian Drug Rehab

Dec 20, 2009

What Are The Must-read Blogs For Social-media Marketing?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 20/Dec/2009

Companies and brands are looking to engage via social-media, and there are loads of resources. Are there any must-read blogs from your RSS that provide current, practical information (case studies and best-practices) on how advertisers and marketers are engaging appropriately (or not)?

Dec 18, 2009

What Are The Best Books On Social Media Marketing?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 18/Dec/2009

I'd like some recommendations for books about social media marketing. Specifically, best practices and examples of how companies are using sites like Facebook/Myspace/Twitter to build their businesses. Thanks

Dec 16, 2009

What Is A Typical Formal Job Title For A Person Working On Social Media Marketing In Market Research Field?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 16/Dec/2009

Recently recieved a job offer but am unsure about the title? It is in market research and involves primarily social media marketing but also other online PR/marketing strategies. What are some typical formal job titles for people doing similar jobs in this field?

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