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Feb 11, 2010

Why Do They Think That Myspace And Facebook Political Support Accurately Determines The Polls?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 11/Feb/2010

I know two people on facebook and just a couple more on myspace, neither of which are as active in the political forums as I am. Why do they think that teenagers and young adults are the accurate demorgraphic of the political polling arena?

Feb 11, 2010

How Do You Make Money With Twitter?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 11/Feb/2010

I heard that you can create a twitter account where you can charge for people to follow you. This would be for information that people want a lot. What kind of info would people, or you pay for?

Feb 8, 2010

How Can I View My Sent ‘invitation To Join Facebook’ If Those People Are Not Registered On Facebook?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 08/Feb/2010

By mistake I sent out 'invitation to Facebook' to lot's of my contacts from my e-mail address book. Is there a possibility to check whom I have sent those invitations. Thanks a lot!

Feb 7, 2010

What Social Media Do You Use For Your Small Business And Why?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 07/Feb/2010

Social media is the latest and most advanced form of lead generation available today. Most people who use Sm do it wrong by just spaming the world with links to products and services. This turns people off and most remove you from thier fan base in the blink of an eye. I run a small […]

Feb 6, 2010

How Are Social Media Networks And Communities Being Leveraged For Market Research To Support Product Developme?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 06/Feb/2010

There are many tools available to monitor brand and company sentiment on the social web. Companies like Right Now Technologies, Radian 6, and Alterian all offer enterprise level tools to leverage and monitor social networks. Some of these tools offer filters that can scan social networks for people product ideas that relate to your products. […]

Jan 30, 2010

Why Does The Media Portray Social Groups Negatively?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 30/Jan/2010

I've noticed that in most areas of communication the famous, the powerful, and the media tend to give people of various social groups a negative image. Why is that? WP Autoblogging Plugin

Jan 27, 2010

What’s The Difference Between Twitter And Facebook Status Updates?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 27/Jan/2010

These two seem to be the same thing, minus the fact that twitter can text you people's updates. Why get a twitter when you can just use facebook?

Jan 27, 2010

How Have Social Networks Such As Facebook Influenced The Lives Of Young People Especially Teenagers?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 27/Jan/2010

You can explain in any perspective you understand the question. But it is all about how facebook has influenced young people and how we can use facebook to change the world today. You can give evidence as well.

Jan 26, 2010

How Does Facebook Determine What Information Appears In Your News Feed?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 26/Jan/2010

I realize there are ways to alter the amount that certain people appear on your news feed, but if none of these settings have been changed, how does facebook determine which people appear ? Does is correlate with how often you interact with these people or view their profiles? It seems that certain people appear […]

Jan 23, 2010

Is There Anyway To Find Out If People Have Looked At Your Twitter Page/facebook Profile?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 23/Jan/2010

If they are not following on twitter,but just looked at your profile? And if they ARE friends with you on facebook and you look at their profile. Is there ANY way of finding out?

Jan 22, 2010

What’s The Difference Between Bebo Twitter And Facebook? Please Take Into Consideration That I’m A Technophobe?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 22/Jan/2010

I've heard words like Bebo, Facebook and Twitter discussed by people. I've gathered that they are a sort of MSN type communication...but what's the difference

Jan 18, 2010

How Big Of A Role Does The Media Play In Changing The Social Structure Of The Usa?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 18/Jan/2010

Most people's opinions tend to be influenced by the media. I say media, but large part of it can be more appropriately called "propaganda".

Jan 17, 2010

Twitter: How Can I Only Allow Specific People To View Updates?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 17/Jan/2010

I'm new to Twitter so I am not that familiar with it just yet. My profile is private and it can only be seen if you sign in with my username and password. How can I add specific people such as certain friends and family who I want to see updates? Is this possible? Thanks.

Jan 17, 2010

How Do I Update My Twitter Via Cell Phone?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 17/Jan/2010

I already set up my mobile account. I have gotten texts from Twitter, and I have updates for when people tweet. But I don't know how to update my own status via cell phone. I've sent my tweet to the right number, but it won't update. What is wrong?

Jan 17, 2010

How Do You Update Your Status On Facebook With Your Cell Phone?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 17/Jan/2010

My cell is connected to the facebook network, and Ive noticed that some people use their cell to update their status. Does anyone know how to do this? WP Autoblogging Plugin

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