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Jan 26, 2010

How Does Facebook Determine What Information Appears In Your News Feed?

Posted in Uncategorized on 26/Jan/2010

I realize there are ways to alter the amount that certain people appear on your news feed, but if none of these settings have been changed, how does facebook determine which people appear ? Does is correlate with how often you interact with these people or view their profiles? It seems that certain people appear […]

Jan 22, 2010

On Facebook Can You Create A Fan Page For Someone? How Does That Work On Facebook?

Posted in Uncategorized on 22/Jan/2010

So far I do not understand why so many people prefer Facebook to MySpace now. It just seems to awkward and User unfriendly to me. I was wondering if you can create a fan page for your favorite rock star on Facebook like on MySpace and if you choose to do so do you have […]

Jan 22, 2010

What Does This Question Mean, “find A Media Representation That Indicates Social Inequality”?

Posted in Uncategorized on 22/Jan/2010

what is 'media representation," and what would be examples of media representations that indicate social inequality? having a little trouble here. thanx

Jan 19, 2010

Does Social Or Cultural Background Affect The Media Coverage Missing Children Receive?

Posted in Uncategorized on 19/Jan/2010

This is for educational purposes... just opinions etc. please

Jan 18, 2010

How Big Of A Role Does The Media Play In Changing The Social Structure Of The Usa?

Posted in Uncategorized on 18/Jan/2010

Most people's opinions tend to be influenced by the media. I say media, but large part of it can be more appropriately called "propaganda".

Jan 17, 2010

How Does Social Media Marketing Effect Disaplines Of Marketing (e.g. Pr, Advertisment And Consumer Behaviour)?

Posted in Uncategorized on 17/Jan/2010

Web 2.0 is all about conversation and collaboration and this is where SMM comes in. The consumers and customers are as strongly placed to make buying decisions as much as the sellers. This translates into more options for both buyers and sellers. SMM has given rise to a conversation and the consumers are waking up […]

Jan 16, 2010

How Long Does Facebook Take To Delete A Group?

Posted in Uncategorized on 16/Jan/2010

My ex gf and some of her friends made a group to attack me with and post private emails I had sent to her and stuff. They've said some mean stuff about me on there and so on, so it violates Facebook rules. I have got a few people and myself to report the group, […]

Jan 13, 2010

How Much Does It Cost To Text Twitter?

Posted in Uncategorized on 13/Jan/2010

I have an unlimited text plan on orange. I live in Scotland and wanted to know how much it would cost for me to recieve texts from twitter (like updates from the people I am following) and also how much it would be for me to text my tweets to twitter. Thanks x

Jan 11, 2010

Does Anyone Have Any Tips Or Ideas On How To Use Social Media To Help With My Seo?

Posted in Uncategorized on 11/Jan/2010

social media is going to run the internet very very soon. I don't think any effective methods with immediate results such as free search engine traffic will be given freely on the net. it is just the nature of online biz. I been online more than a year know and and that is the feeling […]

Jan 5, 2010

How Long Does A Facebook Account Stay Active For If You Do Not Log In?

Posted in Uncategorized on 05/Jan/2010

I currently have no access to facebook and am unlikely to for a few months. If I do not log in for over 5 months will my account still be there, or will it be suspended, or will it be completely deleted? I can't even check the facebook site for info as it is blocked […]

Jan 4, 2010

Why Does The Facebook Iphone App Chat Not Work For Me?

Posted in Uncategorized on 04/Jan/2010

When i open the facebook app everything is fine until i attempt to open chat. Most of the time it just says that there is an error loading my online friends and doesn't let me do anything but sometimes it will just crash but the chat works fine when i log on to my friends […]

Jan 3, 2010

How Does A Business Get Value From Using Twitter? What Are The Risks And What Mistakes Have Other Made?

Posted in Uncategorized on 03/Jan/2010

How does big business use services like twitter successfully? How do they measure success and what mistakes have been made along the way?

Jan 2, 2010

Does Mass Media And Social Networks Affect Teens?

Posted in Uncategorized on 02/Jan/2010

in what ways does the media and social networks such as facebook and myspace have an affect on teenagers.please list any websites you may have found.your help is greatly appreciated.

Dec 31, 2009

How Long Does It Take For A Twitter Account To Be Deleted?

Posted in Uncategorized on 31/Dec/2009

A few days ago I deleted my twitter account because I wanted to use the e-mail it was under to create another account, but it still said that the e-mail was taken. Its weird though because it gives me an option to restore my account ... I need help!

Dec 25, 2009

How Can I Txt Twitter Updates From My Phone? Does It Cost Anything?

Posted in Uncategorized on 25/Dec/2009

I want to send twitter updates from my phone but i don't have internet on my phone. Can i still send them?

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