Jan 9, 2011

What’s the difference between “Tweeter” and “myspace” and “facebook”?

Posted in Social Media Experts on 09/Jan/2011

Question by Chloe: What's the difference between "Tweeter" and "myspace" and "facebook"?
I'm confused. I understand that they are "social networking" sites. I get that part. You "tweet" from your phone though, right? If someone can explain what "Tweeter" is all about though and how it's different than "myspace" and "facebook", thanks. I also know that each site is more popular w/ certain ages and different socioeconomic backgrounds.

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Answer by Michael J
Well, twitter, if that's what you mean by "Tweeter" is a site where users post short updates about what they are doing. Just text. You can use your phone to tweet, yes. Twitter is different to Myspace and Facebook, because they allow you to do more advanced things like chat to people, play games, post links and videos etc. Facebook and Myspace are much more advanced than twitter; twitter is very simple.

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