May 4, 2010

Social Media Branding – Why For You

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A brand is a center stone for a company. Building a brand required a balance marketing efforts across various channels. As days are passing there are sign of new beginning of an era. In which opportunities are countless for businessman, companies, organization & etc to establish or mark their name & build a reputation of them.

Now a day's Social Media Branding become a very useful & great tool for the building of brand.Social Media branding help you get high quality traffic from social media websites. It's provides the opportunity to reach your target audience in a more effective and creative manner than ever before.

Role of Social Media's in Branding

Right from the early age we humans have an ability or I say (if u agree with me) a quality to get socialized through which we are able to solve our lot of problems. Still now a day if we have any problem we tries to socialized, by meeting with our family member, friends or other people, who in their life once have face or successfully tackle that problem. So the term of socializing is not new for us. So if I say branding through social media it doesn't seem something out of the world or new to us. To support my words I will take you back to the past.

"Few years back marketers just push their messages, what they want to say, about brand to consumers. (by just showing commercial adds etc) "

As people are getting more information & knowledge companies are more keen what consumers are discussing & saying about it. Social Media had a strong impact about public opinion & what they are expressing about the brand & products. So if I give thank to social media as they switch the control; as now consumers are driving the opinion about the brands not the marketers. I can support these words by giving you an example which my good friend (I will not tell u his/her name) uses to give me during our schools days;

"if u saw shaving trimmer add & its said that its easy to use, give good shave, having long lasting battery etc., you won't buy that product at first place just showing that add even its market price is very low. But if any of your family member or friends gives good comments about that product you just purchase it without any problem. That is called Social Branding."

For companies social media is important b/c it provides a way to get out there and get noticed. It's an opportunity to go where the consumers are and create a presence and through social branding marketers now engaging with the potential users and involved in the conversations which are taking place about their brand or products. Instead of forcing yourself to your consumer social media gives you opportunity to hang out with them.

Social media however allows you to brand yourself long before anyone becomes your customer. In social media branding you are not the ad on the wall you are the guy telling stories about your brand which your audience finds fascinating and distribute it in its social circle. So don't be afraid to participate in social media just because you don't see the result quickly. But as the time passes you build your social reputation which leads you to credibility. And over time that credibility and awareness will very likely lead to an increase in your customer base.

As a dawn of social media is begun and companies have lot of expectation to get good results form social branding! 1 Social Media eagerly expects the challenges of social branding and has a commitment to fulfill your expectation.

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