Apr 19, 2011

Q&A: Bf is still flirting with random girls online after he told me he cheated?

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Question by ☆Marie1013☆: Bf is still flirting with random girls online after he told me he cheated?
2 weeks ago my bf told me he cheated by having an "online girlfriend". He said he was sorry, doesn't deserve me, and that it won't happen again. He made a facebook account just for me and him, but he kept his old one. He then changed the name of the one for just us, the relationship status, added his online friends, and deleted me. I was pissed, so on facebook I posted "once a cheater, always a cheater". He isn't on his real facebook much, so I didn't think he'd see it or even care. He commented saying "wtf????!! I deleted you cuz I need that account for my online friends and need to separate them from my real friends". I told him he didn't explain anything to me before doing it, so of course I'd be suspicious. My uncle commented and I'll just say he isn't happy about my bf cheating. I'm starting to think he might have sent him a message or something cuz my bf hasn't talked to me for days, but I could be just paranoid. However, he is very protective.

My bf and I talked on the phone on Friday and he said things like "you ruined my reputation", etc. I know, maybe I shouldn't have posted that status, but he doesn't tell me things anymore and I'm sick of his double life.

He's always had issues with flirting with girls, but it's never girls he actually knows in real life. They're all fake and none of them live in the same state. Some even in different countries! Btw he meets them through his online game website. In real life, there aren't a lot of girls who actually like him that way, but online they're flirting with him and he flirts right back. He tells me they're just friends, but I can't stand the way he talks to them. On one girl's pic he said "doesn't this want to make you **** all over it?". I don't think he talks to that girl anymore, but that was still when we were dating. On his new profile, a girl posted on his wall: "(his name) <3". He didn't comment, but it makes me wonder what's going on with them. I don't want to break up with him. We nearly did last week because of the fight we had, and just that made me feel physically sick. He said he doesn't want to break up either, but why is he trying to keep his options open, and why is he saying in both profiles that he's "single"?? It upsets me that he seems so much more interested in girls who live a thousand miles away, when I live maybe half an hour away or less. He's been saying he's at his sister's house since December (idk, he stays and visits her sometimes), and I have no idea why he's been there so long. Btw my uncle didn't say anything about talking to my bf, but like I said, my bf hasn't talked to me in days, while he flirts with these stupid online girls. He even video chats! He's a completely different person in real life. I wish he'd stop with the fantasy life and pay more attention to me. He's talked about marriage,but yet he continues to do this even though it hurts me. What should I do?? Best answer:

Answer by мєgαη ♥
just dump him

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