Apr 27, 2011

Online Reputation Management Blogging Best Practices- Part 3

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Read other blogs in your target marketplace. This is a great way to listening to what is going on in your marketplace. Proofread your blog for grammar and spelling errors. Use a naturally sensible and conversational tone as if you were actually speaking to your audience in a public setting. Leave comments on other blogs in your target audience marketplace. You should also provide a link back to your blog so people can find your blog if they want to learn more Reward your advocates and loyal contributors with kudos and support for their endeavors. This will help you to strengthen marketplace relationships that are win-win. Develop a strategy to counter your detractors, consider employing the help of your advocates in strategically flanking your detractors. Do not beg for site-links or link exchanges. You should spend your time figuring out ways to get people to link to your blog because of your content. Be diligent in responding to comments and questions from your audience. You goal is to keep the conversation going so you can pull valuable information from your target audience so you can provide them with what they need. You do not need to have the whole world linking to your blog or reading your blog; your focus should be about connecting with your target audience. If you buy or use a free template for your blog style, try to find template that is not too cluttered, sometimes having too many blog features will distract your target audience from your message. Be polite ...
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