Jan 31, 2011

Online Reputation Management- A Preventative Measure to Protect Your Online Reputation

Posted in Social Media Experts on 31/Jan/2011

Online Reputation Management- A Preventative Measure to Protect Your Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management- A Preventative Measure to Protect Your Online Reputation

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Home Page > Internet > Online Reputation Management- A Preventative Measure to Protect Your Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management- A Preventative Measure to Protect Your Online Reputation

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Posted: Sep 29, 2009 |Comments: 0


Online reputation management (ORM) was created to help corporations, business owners and professionals deal with negative press. Countless companies - both large and small - have found themselves on the receiving end of unflattering publicity. When this information is posted online, it can spread like wildfire. The size of your business does not insulate you from the devastating effect of such feedback. Multinational giants have struggled under the assault of negative publicity that first gained momentum in search engines. Online reputation management can curb the impact. It allows you to control the message that your target audience sees.

In this article, we'll describe how reverse SEO is an important piece of your broader online reputation management campaign. You will also discover how Online Reputation Management works within the framework of your Search Engine Marketing strategy. We'll then explore the difference between public relations online and ORM before explaining how the latter insulates your business from negative feedback.

How Reverse SEO Supports Online Reputation Management

Most companies turn to online reputation management as a reactive approach to existing negative feedback in the search engines. In effect, the damaging press has already gained a foothold in Google's listings. While a preventative ORM strategy is a better approach, a reverse SEO campaign can help remove negative publicity from the first page of organic rankings. Consigned to the second and third pages, the bad press lacks exposure. Without exposure, it cannot gain significant traction.

Having said that, you should take a proactive approach to online reputation management. Every piece of content you produce should be carefully optimized to help your company dominate its top positions in the search engines. That reduces the likelihood that you'll be forced to react after your brand has received negative publicity.

Online Reputation Management: An Irreplaceable Component Of SEM

Your search engine marketing (SEM) strategy can only be as successful as the level of trust your audience has in your company. If bad press has crept into the top positions of the search engines, it will tarnish that trust. Keep in mind that the social networking sites have gained enormous authority in the search engines. Negative feedback posted to these sites can rank in Google and become difficult to displace.

This is the reason online reputation management is an irreplaceable component of your SEM campaign. It is too easy to lose control of your brand and message through bad press that infiltrates the search engines.

Public Relations Online Versus Online Reputation Management

Public relations online is different than online reputation management, though both fulfill a similar function. In fact, each strategy includes elements of the other. Public relations attempts to control the message you deliver to your audience. It also forms the mechanism through which you can learn what others think of you and your business.

Online reputation management is a set of strategies that help to displace negative press in the search engines while monitoring every mention of your company. By continuously monitoring comments made by customers, employees, and even competitors, you can respond and control the message. Both public relations and online reputation management should have a place in your marketing strategy.

What Is Online Reputation SEO?

Online reputation SEO is a strategic counterpart to reverse search engine optimization. A reverse SEO campaign can be launched to remove bad publicity from the top positions in the search engines. By contrast, online reputation SEO takes a proactive approach to control that territory in advance. In the same way that unflattering press can gain traction and become difficult to remove, so too, can your own content. By controlling the top positions, the strategy prevents bad publicity from gaining exposure.

Protect Your Business With Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management plays an important role in your SEM efforts. It incorporates multiple strategies to insulate your company from the effects of negative publicity. Reverse SEO displaces bad press that has already climbed to the first page of Google. Online reputation SEO prevents future bad press from gaining similar traction. By monitoring every mention of your brand, company and executives, you will be able to quickly identify potential publicity issues. That allows you to craft an immediate response, if necessary.

Most companies launch an online reputation management campaign after the damage of bad press has already been done. That is a mistake. Take a preventative approach to protect your business.

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Julie Ann Ross -
About the Author:

With 20 years in marketing, advertising and 10 years in internet marketing, Rostin Reagor Smith is on the cutting edge. Combining Social Media Optimization with more traditional SEO and SEM methods, RRS is a consulting firm specializing in enhancing clients' online presence and managing their public relations online. SEO, SEM and ORM, Online Reputation Management, are combined in this successful formula. http://www.RostinReagorSmith.com


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With 20 years in marketing, advertising and 10 years in internet marketing, Rostin Reagor Smith is on the cutting edge. Combining Social Media Optimization with more traditional SEO and SEM methods, RRS is a consulting firm specializing in enhancing clients' online presence and managing their public relations online. SEO, SEM and ORM, Online Reputation Management, are combined in this successful formula. http://www.RostinReagorSmith.com

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