Feb 15, 2011

New Twitter Tool Takes Over

Posted in Social Media Experts on 15/Feb/2011

New Twitter Tool Takes Over

New Twitter Tool Takes Over

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Home Page > Internet > New Twitter Tool Takes Over

New Twitter Tool Takes Over

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Posted: Jan 16, 2011 |Comments: 0


Attention: If You've Always Dreamed Of Reaching Millions Of Customers On Twitter At The Click Of A Mouse, Then THIS Is The Tool You've Been Waiting For!

"The World's First Nuts & Bolts ULTIMATE Solution To Perfect Twitter Marketing For Affiliate Marketers, Webmasters, Info Marketers, Network Marketers, Consultants, Offline Business Owners And MORE!"

Now you too can become a Twitter rockstar using this time tested proven marketing tool, reach your perfect prospects, build your brand, and make a ton of money in the process!

If you'd like to finally crack the online money making code by using one of the internet's most popular websites then this could be the most important website you'll ever read.

My name is Bill Simmons and I've created the ultimate solution to marketing and pulling customers and prospects from Twitter, but more on that later.

You see, until recently I was just like you. I had been seeing all of the emails, advertisements, banners, ebooks, and the like which were all promoting Twitter as the next big thing in internet marketing and a godsend for offline businesses interested in reaching customers online.

When I finally got around to creating an account there I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I had a burning question in the forefront of my mind…

How can a simple website like Twitter that only allows you to talk 140 characters at a time be the "next big thing"?

Well, after doing some research I found out some very interesting facts about this incredible social media website:

Out of billions of websites Twitter.com is the #10 most highly trafficked website online

There are more than 106,000,000 users on Twitter

The number of users grows by 300,000 or more each day and has been doing so for the past six months

On average about 1 out of every 350 visitors land on a website by way of Twitter

After realizing these astounding figures, I couldn't believe the literal goldmine that we all have at our finger tips waiting anxious to be prospected.

I wanted to begin making money on Twitter, and most of all I wanted to start NOW!


Twitter is a unique and sometimes confusing media that requires a unique approach to marketing.

Since the website is a social network, you simply can not go full on high pressure "used car salesman" with the selling, otherwise you'd be quickly reported for spamming and then banned without notice.

I soon realized that there are several hurdles that stop marketers like me and you from pulling profits from this website.

1st) It can be difficult to actually target people who would be interested in our products and services

Twitter doesn't make it all that easy to find people who are interested in what we are offering. I found that I had to access several different websites in order to start building a list of targeted Twitter followers. This took an awful amount of time from my day to say the least.

And if you simply get on Twitter and start following random people, you'll begin building a list of Twitter followers that aren't interested in what you are offering. This is the digital equivalent of spinning your wheels in the gravel going nowhere fast.

2nd) You can only add so many users to your Twitter list per day.

This can be difficult if you want to scale up fast. Twitter has a cap on the amount of people you can add to your Twitter list per day. If you surpass this you risk being banned and losing everything that you've built.

3rd) If you're marketing a local business, it can be nearly impossible to target people by location

This is the stark truth that comes along with marketing on Twitter. If I want to promote my real estate agency to a single city on Twitter it can literally take hours upon hours of digging through people's profiles in order to find their locations. While it would be worth it for some, many marketers and business owners simply don't have the time to do it.

I knew there had to be a way.

So after discovering all these problems, I got a little creative…

I asked myself a simple question, but the implications were staggering!

What if there were a way for me to solve all of these issues for marketers and make it completely easy to begin building big targeted Twitter followings no matter if you're an Internet Affiliate, Webmaster, CPA Marketer, Info Marketer, Network Marketer, Consultant, or Offline Business Owner?

Well, there is and its called "Tweet Buddy!"

TweetBuddy is your man on Twitter. This revolutionary software will completely automate and manage your marketing activities on Twitter, giving you the biggest return on time invested.

Let's take a look at some of the exciting features and benefits of the TweetBuddy software:

Automatic Friend Follower & Easy Prospect Targeting:
TweetBuddy will allow you to cut through all of the red tape and gain access to people on Twitter who are only interested in what you are offering. By using its unique technology you will be able to target prospects by what they are actively talking about on Twitter via a keyword search and build up your Twitter list on complete autopilot.

Follow Up To 500 People Per Day
- Twitter caps the amount of people you can follow per day to 500. With TweetBuddy you will never surpass this number which would put your account at risk of being banned

Divide Up The Keyword Search Between The 500 Followers
- Let's say you're an offline business owner who sells gardening and home improvement equipment. With TweetBuddy you can follow 250 people who use the keyword gardening in their profiles, and you can follow 250 people who use the keyword home improvement in their profiles. This capability is great if you're in a multifaceted marketplace.

Follow Other User's Followers
- This component of TweetBuddy allows you to follow other users followers. This can be a very powerful method to quickly build up a huge targeted Twitter following. Let's say you own a website that sells computer hardware. You could find PC Magazine's Twitter account and follow all of their followers. This is great because you know that anyone who is following that magazine's account is a computer enthusiast and probably a great customer who purchases a lot of PC hardware. I hope you're really beginning to see just how powerful TweetBuddy is!

Target Prospects By Location
- TweetBuddy also lets you target your prospects by their actual physical location within a 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 500, or 1,000 mile radius. This is great if you're an offline consultant or bricks and mortar business owner. For example, if you run a local hobby shop that specializes in model trains you can target people who live in and around the city your shop is located in who have tweeted about model trains, or who have model trains listed as one of their interests!

We all know that its extremely easy to do business when you get in front of people who want what you have, and TweetBuddy allows you to do just that!

Automatic Direct Messaging To New Followers
- TweetBuddy will send a direct message to anyone who follows you back once you've followed them. This is a great way to generate website traffic or to get calls for your business. By combining the prospect targeting components of TweetBuddy, everyone who follows you back will be a highly targeted prospect. And by making an exciting offer in these direct messages everyone who follows you will be exposed to your advertising for FREE! I hope you can see the power in this! Why spend thousands on traditional advertising when you can reach your customers on their favorite social network for free?

Automatic Account Cleaner
- TweetBuddy also keeps your account organized by allowing you to unfollow people who are not following you back. This allows you to maintain a high quality list of responsive Twitter followers without your marketing being wasted on tire kickers and window shoppers.

Tweet Calendar With Time Delay
- In order to really set up your Twitter marketing on full auto-pilot TweetBuddy allows you to schedule your Tweets in advance. You can literally log into the software one time for the day, week, or even month and setup all your Tweets in advance, then TweetBuddy will login to your account for you and post your Tweets automatically. This allows you to maintain a natural Twitter presence without having to be on the website.

Tweet Token System
- This component is arguably one of the most powerful capabilities built into the software. By using special syntax you can set the software to tweet once every X amount of hours. The unique syntax is incredibly easy and simple to use and it allows each tweet you send out to be totally unique from the last even though the same information is being tweeted. With this you can make sure you reach most if not all of your Twitter list since everyone is not always logged onto Twitter at the same time. We're talking some serious market coverage here!

Twitter Account Manager
- If you're an internet marketer who participates and markets in multiple niches then this component was designed with you in mind. You can not only build highly targeted Twitter accounts for each niche, but you can manage them all in one place without having to remember tons of user names and passwords. TweetBuddy keeps track of everything for you.

Automatic Twitter Stats
- As business people we all love stats and figures, and TweetBuddy helps you keep your finger on the pulse of the Twitter marketplace in its Twitter stats center. All the information you could ever need including followers, direct messages sent, trending topics on Twitter, and more is available right here at your finger tips.

And Much Much More!

As you can see, this is the ULTIMATE Twitter marketing tool, and unlike anything else out there you'll be able to use this tool with the full confidence that your account is safe and you are getting an incredible return on your investment.

By now, I know you're probably wondering what the price is for this incredible tool…

Well, if you order right now today you can get your hands on the TweetBuddy software for a small one-time investment of only !

If you're not using TweetBuddy you're probably missing out on at least in new business per day if not a whole lot more!

Don't hesitate to get your hands on this incredible software right now, otherwise your competition might and corner the Twitter market for himself.

I know that you could easily pay for a short ebook about some new wacky Twitter marketing method , but then you could easily get banned from their website, and this cool nifty method could end up destroying your internet presence, ruining your reputation, and potentially end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Get TweetBuddy right now and begin your conquest of the Twitter Marketplace.


There's more….

And just in case you need further encouragement, if you act now I'm going to take an incredible off the purchase price of TweetBuddy, but you have to order right now!

That's right you can get TweetBuddy and begin building a loyal following of rabid customers on Twitter for the ridiculously low price of just !

For only you're going to get a fool-proof Twitter marketing solution that is totally immune to any fly by night gimmicks, hearsay, and Twitter bans.

I'm going to be honest here, I know that I'm selling this at a discount. I'm selling it for when I could easily be charging 7 or more for this software, but there's a reason why.

I want to get this into your hands as quickly as possible and I want to make this affordable. I know that there are many people who need this product but they don't have that kind of cash just lying around.

So don't hesitate any longer!

Think about it. Where will you be a year from now? Will you still be struggling to make

Twitter marketing work, while your competitors who are social media savvy steal business
from you?

Or will you be enjoying the exhilarating feeling of selling your products and services on Twitter, automatically, even while you sleep?

Seriously, if you've read down this far, you know that you have a strong interest in making

your Twitter marketing efforts produce the kind of response and results you really deserve. All that's left is to take the action to do it.

Yours In Success,

Bill Simmons

P.S. - Let's be blunt:
If you pass on this offer, will you have an incredible Twitter presence for you or your business? Probably not!

You'll still wish and want it, but you won't have it or make money from it. Face it. All you need is a simple to use tool and encouragement.
Get this software NOW and start building your Twitter following TODAY!
Wouldn't you finally like to be making money on Twitter?

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Lee Booker -
About the Author:

Davis Mack is a stay at home dad. His writing is for his own amusement and can be seen at his blog.


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Davis Mack is a stay at home dad. His writing is for his own amusement and can be seen at his blog.

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