Dec 10, 2009

Hello Friends and Freaks! Welcome to my voice of reason!

Posted in Social Media Experts on 10/Dec/2009

All of the Social Media Marketing experts tell me that I need a voice.  That I need a blog.  That I need to Twitter or Tweet.  That I need to use Facebook and use LinkedIn and buy ads on Facebook and set up an account at Myspace and learn how to tell the world how great I am and to tell the world what I am doing and connect with long lost friends that really are not friends but merely people that have crossed my path 20 years ago.

Well here we are folks.  The internet has changed.  We now all have a voice.  We all have our very own radio station.  Hell go upload some videos on youtube and you have your very own television station.  Upload enough videos and you could claim to be in competition with Ted Turner.

Nothing has changed folks.  Blogs are not new.  Forums are not new.  Stay in contact with old friends is not new.

What is new is that you all just figured out how to do what every other web designer and programmer has been doing since 1993.  You can now type stuff and it gets displayed on the internet.  You can now upload your pictures and videos and other can see them and search for them.

All that happened is the internet has gotten easier to use and more and more people are using it.

Do not buy ads on Facebook.  Do not twitter if you own a small business.  Do not build a page on myspace.

Focus on your family and friends.  Focus on work and understanding where you customers come from and how to grow that customer base.  I can tell you that they do not come from facebook and they do not come from MySpace.

If you want people to interact with your brand then yes, and only MAYBE is Facebook a real option.

My journey on this new blog will start with these simple ideas.

Tweeting is not cool if you are over 23 years old.

If you tell the world what you are doing on Facebook and has to do with picking up your kids on the bus, you need to seek counseling.

Remember people....  Noobody cares...!!!   Just like nobody should care what I am saying.  They are just my thoughts but I am not telling the world what I am doing on Facebook or maybe I should?

How does this work?  I am so stuck in the middle?

Hey do you any of you know a good counselor that can help me deal with this problem ?

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