Jun 20, 2020

Un urges subsidies to keep children at school

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Un urges subsidies to keep children at school

The federal government should give states additional flexibility to provide free or reduced-priced school lunches, after it failed to put enough money into the program. The federal government has spent $500 million on the food stamp program and will spend $3.1 billion on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program for families earning below the federal poverty line for 2015.

A federal report released Wednesday highlighted some of the worst trends in child nutrition and school readiness. The federal government has been spending more than $4 billion per year on food stamps for about 9 million children nationwide, but the number has fallen significantly over the past year. That's because parents seeking assistance are no longer getting it. That's also because programs like Food Stamps have been reduced in their funding levels over the past decade because parents and children don't trust them.

The federal government is still spending $700 million on school lunches, a reduction of $7 million in 2013우리카지노 compared with 2010, but most food stamp recipients can receive fewer than six mea바카라사이트ls a day. And that doesn't include the $50 billion in food stamp benefits lost due to the financial crisis.

It's the wrong approach.

A federal study released Wednesday said federal government programs that provide child nutrition assistance to low-income children should continue even after a year out of the financial crisis, but states should be encouraged to seek other programs to provide support.

But the authors of the study also recommend that there be more money set aside for education.

"Our nation is doing everything possible to meet children's nutritional needs, but funding is limited," the report states. "The Federal Government must be involved in designing and improving the educational outcomes that we aim for, and support parents to help meet their child's nutritional needs in their communities, including a strong food stamp program and public school choice plans that take parents back out into the school, rather than into the community and put them in more expensive private schools, and help them move up the income ladder."

It's long past time to change this situation

The Obama administration has a responsibility to stop wasting tax dollars and create more jobs. Congress should take action to make sure child nutrition assistance works as expected, as opposed to simply giving it money. Congress has to protect taxpayers' dollars, and it has to ensure there are no waste, fraud or abuse of 우리카지노taxpayer dollars. Congress should also protect taxpayers and ensure food stamps are being used properly, and this time the problem is actually solving.

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