Jun 20, 2020

Slipknot bassist died of overdose in December 2012

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Slipknot bassist died of overdose in Decemberjarvees.com 2012

According to coroner's records obtained by The Times, Daniel Gurney, 28, died of natural causes in April 2012 after battling with mental illness and heroin.

Gurney died from a fatal dose of hydromorphone used to treat severe depression and addiction, according to the records.

The toxicology report for the first fatal case of hydromorphone toxicity has not been released for seven days. It was completed in early 2013, records show.

Gurney had been using a prescription opiate overdose medicine called Zylox to ease pain and anxiety, court records show. It wa바카라사이트s prescribed to him on Nov. 2, 2012.

Zylox is considered by some experts to be the preferred form of hydromorphone for treating opioid addiction.

Gurney is survived by his parents, David Gurney of Manchester, and Sheila "Whip" Gurney of New York City; a sister, Sarah Gurney of Manchester; his stepmother, Lisa "Liz" Hoch of New 우리카지노York; his stepbrother, Richard "R.J." Gurney of St. Johnsville; his nieces and nephews; a number of relatives and friends; and family and close friends.

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